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About Sceptre

Chances are, you are visiting our site as you research the purchase of a new midsize 40 ft plus sailboat.  Most sailboat buyers in this size range end up researching their “dream boat” investment from three to five years before they buy – the other day it occurred to us that this was primarily because it takes that long to figure out not only the best design for your needs but also the best value!  It’s a tough puzzle to figure, involving a significant investment of your time and money.

Here is a summary of what Sceptre Yachts can offer you:

PERSONAL SERVICE Even if you order a boat through your local broker you will still be dealing directly with us as we build your boat.  The best part is that once you take delivery of your boat and start to enjoy it, you will know the builder’s personal cell phone number and can call him from anywhere to ask any kind of question at just about any time of day or night!  (Please note – we make this offer based on our belief that you probably won’t need to call us  very often – nevertheless the line is always open!)  We can give you completely personalized service while using our thirty plus years of experience with boats to guide you through an exciting creation of a very special boat built just for you
CHOICES Because we build each boat to order, we offer an infinite range of equipment, finish and layout choices.  If you have special needs or require a custom layout, we can easily personalize the boat for you – in most cases at minimum extra cost.  How many boat manufacturers do you know will ask if you and your partner both like the same density of mattress?  We do – we can build you custom cabinetry and  upholstery from the inside out to accommodate bad backs or any other personal requirements.  
METICULOUS, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Our Sceptres have roamed from the Arctic to the Antarctic – equally at home in the North & South Atlantic as the South Pacific and just about everywhere in between.  Some owners have encountered horrific conditions (unintentionally!) – 55 knot plus winds off Australia and huge seas in the South Atlantic and their boats came through with flying colours – and thanks to their own good seamanship.  All the boats have been built to the same ultra strong laminate schedule – whether they were bought for weekend sailing or as dedicated offshore cruisers – they are all equally strong and we insist on using the best materials possible to maximize your safety and investment, however you intend to sail her.   We were recently aboard WAYPOINT, (SCEPTRE 41-HULL 44) – she had just returned from a two and a half year circumnavigation. She doesn’t creak or move in any way – structurally she is still completely sound in every respect.
COMPETITIVE VALUE & PRICING Our 2001 new boat pricing is on the Sceptre 43AC home page.  We think you may be pleasantly surprised.  This year we’ve structured our pricing so that you can buy an entry level, sailaway Sceptre 43 at just over US$320K.  We believe will assist you to compare us with the dollar cost of “production” boats on the market – while providing you with significantly better value.  For the first time we’ve included several layout choices and two “standard” finish choices, along with equipment considered “extras” by many other builders – such as an inverter, furling genoa, refrigeration, etc. 
EXCELLENT RESALE VALUE Excellent quality holds its value.  A good way to comparison shop boat values is to go to a site like Yacht World.   Use the search engine to look up various manufacturers – compare their new boat pricing with boats that are five, ten or fifteen years old.  You will soon be able to see that some boats depreciate a lot less than others.